Monday, October 15, 2007

Unraveling Ravelry

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about Ravelry. After all, there are so many knitting communities on the internet - how could this one be so different. And then, seeing there were thousands ahead of me on the list to get in - I just didn't get it. But now that I'm in - I'm starting to!

I have a lot more to learn about Ravelry - but here are some of the things I love about it. "Friends" - just click on this and there you all are! I can click on you and find your pages, see what you are knitting and what you are planning to knit. I can even send you a message. I can click on "Friends Blogs" and there you are again - with one glance I can tell if you have a new entry on your blog and head on over there to read it.

Another favorite is my 'queue'. This is how I justify all of the time I spend on Revelry. It's where I can enter all of those projects I want to make, and.. this is the best part...where I can find them when I'm ready.
I can't tell you how many hours I have spent searching for a pattern that I remember seeing someplace - looking through all of my knitting books, knitting magazines, notebooks, and internet sites. From now on, whenever I see something I want to make someday - I will enter it in my queue, and will forever more know where to find that pattern! There is still so much more to explore on Ravelry, but I know that I am hooked!
See you all on Ravelry!


Unknown said...

Right along side ya, Jane! :) Fun and organized. Feels ahhhhhhhhh so good.

Dandy said...


I'm with ya.. ravelry rocks!!

aksunflour said...

I'm not in Ravelry yet... but totally understand about lost time searching for a site on the net. I found one some time ago about easy Christmas presents w/ knitted shower squishies made out of netting- but haven't seen it since.

Unknown said...

Another thing is that you can see how other people have made those items you considered and if they have had any problems or issues. Very nice.

jackie said...

glad to know you like ravelry. i received my invite yesterday, logged on and was overwhelmed and inspired by the various projects. it is all amazing. hope to see you there!

Pati said...

Told you that you would love it! Oh yeah---way to go Soxs!!!!!!