Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Treats from Ireland

I received my Whoduknit fall 'trick or treat' package from Fiadhnat today! And I really got treated! Just look at all of my goodies. For the swap we were to send a book with a Halloween theme, yarn in a fall color and a pattern to go with it, and a trick and a treat.

The book is The Fires and the Shadows - which looks very spooky - perfect for Halloween reading. It is really of treasury of short stories from some of the best mystery writers, Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, among others. I can't wait to read it. The other book was actually her 'trick'. It's a book of short stories by Irish women writers with a portion of the profits going to the aid of Tsunami victims. Another real treasury of famous authors including one of my favorites - Maeve Binchy. The trick is that about half way through the book, there are about 140 upside down pages! See that chocolate? One of those candy bars is gone already (and I haven't even had my dinner yet). The little magnetic recipe book is so cute - and actually has some great recipes in it that I am hoping my DH will 'treat' me to. The little lamb is actually soap, which I really don't want to melt down in the shower because he smells so good. Right now he is sitting next to my computer. And the yarn! It is a gorgeous ribbon yarn called Organza by Sirdar in a beautiful golden fall color. She also included a pattern for a "Knot a Scarf" which is kind of a necklace scarf. And...best of all, she included a picture of herself wearing a scarf she had made from the pattern. I'm not posting that picture without her permission, but I can tell you she has red hair (are you surprised) and is holding two beautiful red-headed children in the pictures! (Actually, I think we are related VBG) Thank you so much Fiadhnat - I love my trick or treat package!


Frank the Reindeer said...

Hello, Jane! This is Amy, your KTC fall swap partner. I decided to keep mystique and let out information a bit at a time. Plus, it was my first swap ever so I wasn't quite sure what to do. But, yes, it is I and I'm glad you like The Missing Piece.


jackie said...

nice loot! would love to see the scarf when your done.