Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Inside Look

Thank you for your kind words about my Christmas Rose Gift Bag. Some of you asked what the inside looked like (since I said it was a mess) so I took a photo - and much to my surprise, when I looked at the picture I could actually see a pattern in all of those strands - maybe I did it right after all????

I knit up a few of Carol Bristol's Merry Minis and felted them this morning. They still need some embellishing - buttons, miniature knitting needles, etc. but I think they are adorable. And..I'm using up all those little balls of leftover yarn that are taking up room in my stash, therefore making room for more stash!

1 comment:

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

your insides look fine (lol--that sounds funny) and good for you for stash busting. i'm trying, but each time i seems something else manages to sneak in the stash anyway. :-)