Saturday, November 10, 2007

Three Day Weekend

I'm really looking forward to this three day weekend (one day gone already!) Last weekend was busy and I see that I haven't posted since. My sister and her DH came up from NJ for the weekend. On Friday night we celebrated my DH's 65th birthday with a small dinner party at our favorite restaurant. Saturday, Hurricane Noel made a pass through Downeast Maine, leaving us without power for 15 hours. On Sunday, I went to see "Clue, the Musical" at our community theater. It was great! Each night that it played there was a different outcome, and the audience got to play along with clues given after each scene. The night I went it turned out to be Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with a wrench - and I did guess it!

And some knitting content - I finished two pairs of felted ballet slippers for my sister's granddaughters in time to send them back down to NJ with her, along with the other presents headed that way.

I also knit this "Knot a Scarf" from some beautiful ribbon yarn that my Irish friend Fiadhnat sent me from Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful slippers, Jane! A good idea for a Christmas gift!!!
Love Vigdis from Norway.

rohanknitter said...

Super cute slippers.
"Clue" sounds fun!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Good to read your update. I thought about you and the Noel Storm when I saw it went your way. I was kind of hoping for that here, I was in the mood for a good storm. However, not without power for 15 hours!

aksunflour said...

Wow! 15 hrs w/o power... that is something. We don't do well on 3 hrs!
You are already sending Christmas presents out- way to go! Still plodding along here.

Your webpage has come a long way- love the new additions.

danielle said...

That play sounds like so much fun!
Love the ballet slippers...and really like the knot scarf - where did you get the pattern?

jackie said...

the slippers are wonderful! what pattern is it? 15 hrs without power?! were you able to knit? take care.