Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to get lost

on Ravelry! You click on your friends, then on their activities to see what they have been queuing, then you click on one of their friends and see what they've been queuing, etc, etc, and all this time you are 'adding to my queue' everything you see that you would like to knit if you live to be 200 years old! I'm on Ravely as Grammieknits (in case you haven't figured that out!)


dobarah said...

You are so right! I especially appreciate the lovely lace scarf you added to your queue...I believe I will need one also. Of course it will be after graduation...and you are right, May 18 is way too early for me!

aksunflour said...

What your queue is only 2 pages? Mine is 5 going on 6! Thanks for the market bags and baby sweater.

It is very easy to get lost over there.

Another 6" of snow fell last night. Princess got 2 feet up in Anchorage! Soccer meets and track meets were canceled yesterday and today.

Pati said...

Tell me about it. I start with one person and maybe an hour or so later I realize I haven't moved! I find myself reading Ravelry more then checking in on everyone's blog. That's probably why I haven't updated my own blog.

danielle said...

Hmmm, I just joined (Grannydani) and am still trying to find my way around and figuring out what it is all about!