Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Vacation

It's our spring break - yay!!! And it even feels like spring outside. And...the Red Sox are in first place - Sweet Caroline!!!!!

I finished another felted bag. This time I used the random stripe maker at instead of playing the Vegas game, and .....I made sure I was using 100% wool! I also made a cell phone pocket on the inside of this one.


Chris said...

very nice bag, and I love the cell phone pocket. There is one in the purse I use and I love it.

aksunflour said...

your bags always turn out wonderful- even when you don't think so.

Especially like the cell phone pocket.

You are definitely in the running for the Snow Melting Contest. Today it was 50 F- already tonight it is 37 F. But a lot of snow is melting Fast!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I love that bag! Happy Spring Break to you!

kathy b said...

Your bag is adorable.
I especially like the colors.

THanks for entering my contest at irisheyes!