Sunday, November 02, 2008

A few WIPs and FOs

Another felted bag in progress.
I'm trying to get a few finished in time for a holiday craft fair at the school next month.

I'm knitting this mock cable neck warmer with the Araucania yarn I have left over from my fidget neck warmer and I think I will have just enough. If not, it will become a headband!

This was a mystery knit on the Holiday Mystery Gift-Along Group. I had no idea what it was even after I finished it - looked like a miniature slipper. But when the photo was revealed - it turned out to be a chapstick holder keychain. What a great stocking stuffer! What a great group this is!

Here is Mspalmtree's Traveling Scarf (Noro Combo Group 37) I added the panel on the bottom - this time I added on to the original panel in crochet.

Hope you like it Nancy!

And, yet another felted bag (I can truly knit these in my sleep.


Yarn Devil said...

I love that little chapstick holder slipper! What a great idea! Your felted bags are beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

I didn't do the chapstick holder slipper but it would have been fun. Your bags are always so nice and even.

SimplyMe said...

I wish I could felt as welll awake as you do asleep! LOVE IT!!
I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need to do the chapstick keychain thing. Where'd ya get the hardware.

HEY AK got her stuff today. Hit me tomorrow if I don't email's almost time to run to swim practice.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Oh, the felted bags are really nice, as is your neck warmer. I like that pattern! But,ooooohh! my scarf looks so wonderful! I like that you added your section next to mine. :-) I love it!