Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rainy Sunday

But at least it's not white - I'm not ready for snow yet! And it's a great day to knit and read and be lazy.
I finished the HMGA mystery #3 and never guessed at what it was until the last clue. It's a hoodie with a neckwarmer - very cute. But also very big. I'm thinking of felting it a little bit since I knit it with wool.
This will be great for recess duty on cold days this winter! So I probably won't be gifting it.

I also finished another small HMGA - this adorable ornament. I used Aunt Lydia's crochet thread in gold. I'm going to make more, some in silver too, but it can also be knit in sock yarn. I think it would be really cute in a self-patterning sock yarn.

I'm in a couple of holiday swaps and I think a few of these would be great in a package along with some other goodies.
That ticker at the top of my blog is beginning to scare me! As usual, my goal of handknit gifts for everyone is not going to be met!


Yarn Devil said...

Funny how tickers are great and terrible at the same time!!! Your neckwarmer/hood turned out beautiful.. and I bet a wee bit of felting will help keep the wind out too! Your little ornament.. would make a great coaster if it was bigger too.... just a thought... :D

Aunt Kathy said...

A wee bit of felting?? Hmm I felt and I get a wee bit of a project left. LOL

Unknown said...

Very cool. I do think I'm going to have to make me one! We had rain Saturday and parts of the area got lots of snow starting Sunday through Monday. Fortunately, I didn't. Have a good day!

Joyce said...

I love your projects, Jane. They're both beautiful! Did you really get to read and knit all afternoon on Saturday? Come to think of it, I had a Craft and Chat group come to my house, and stitched all morning. So I guess I did the same thing, fun stuff!

Chris said...

Great Knitting. BTW we got plenty of the white stuff for ya Thurs and today.