Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Craft Fairs

One of my favorite things about the holiday season are the craft fairs. I love to go and browse all the wonderful handmade items for sale.
I always have to walk around the whole craft fair a couple of times before deciding on my purchases. I usually see a lot of things that I want to go home and try to make myself. The things I buy are usually things I either don't know how to make, or have no interest in making and would rather pay for another crafter's fine workmanship! I went to a couple of craft fairs this weekend and picked up this beautiful quilted table runner for my sister - it's reversible so it can be used after Christmas as well. The little Santa ornaments are painted on the back of spoons and the handles of the spoon are bent down for hangers. These and the snowman ornament will probably be for swaps at staff holiday parties. The bag in the back is for me. They were being sold as Bingo bags - apparently avid bingo players (up here it is called beano - I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the bean suppers that often accompanied bingo games in the past) anyway - they use the pockets around the sides for their daubers (the things they use to mark their paper bingo sheets. I was informed that they like to use all different colors - the reason for all the pockets. I'm not sure what they use the inside of the bag for - maybe their money? I looked at these bags and saw 'knitting bag' written all over them.
Knitting needles, crochet hooks, tape measure, stitch markers, etc. can go in the pockets, and the project in the bag of course.
Now I have to get things ready for my own craft table at our school's holiday craft fair. Do any of you do craft fairs? This will only be the second one I've ever done, and I'm not sure about pricing. Any advice? I'm selling mostly felted bags, but I have some scarves, neckwarmers, headbands, things like that.


Aunt Kathy said...

I am not really good at pricing things, I am always afraid I am going to over charge. But... I have always thought a good rule of thumb was at least double the cost for supplies...

So if a felted bag used 2 colors of Patons wool that would be $10.00, then add another $10.00 for labor... $20.00 a bag.

I can't wait to hear how you did. Make sure to take a picture of your table all set up and then again afterward so we can see all you sold.

I wold love to have a craft table someday. I am thinking maybe the fair next year for a start.

SimplyMe said...

I am in love. You have great taste! I've always wondered what beano was (besides the anti-gas stuff) thank you.

2 to 3 times the cost of the supplies. good luck!!!

Dandy said...

I always tried to charge 3 times what I put into it.. altho sometimes you have to cut back a bit.

I didn't know it was called beano... here's it's bingo... I bet maybe the inside of the bag was used for the bingo chips (when those were still used) or maybe for lucky charms.... I'd use it for a knitting bag too... good thinkin'!!