Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little bit of Knitting to relieve the stress

Last week at school was stressful and this week is starting out the same way - involving DHS (Department of Human Services), and bad parenting, and kids suffering because of it. It's really heartbreaking.

And so, on to the knitting.............

Above is the first 8 days of the mystery KAL on Rachel's Knitting Group. This group usually knits dishcloths - but this mystery KAL calls for a whole cone of Peaches & Cream cotton. It's a very interesting pattern. I think it must be a runner and will take a very long time to complete!

I finally finished the booties to go with the hat for a baby shower I am going to next week. Notice the booties are fraternal twins? After three tries to get them to match using the self-striping yarn, I finally gave up and decided it would be more fun if they didn't match. Hope the new mommy feels the same way!


SimplyMe said...


How long does that kal last? A couple of months?!? It looks fantastic!!!!!

I love your baby shower gift. I love it, fraternal twins. I didn't notice they weren't identical until you said something.

May the best solution for this child(ren) be found. A cup of tea, a lot of knitting and tons of prayers headed to Maine....for your sanity and theirs!

Wendy said...

Looks like a great KAL!

Georgi said...

I would hate to be in your situation at school. I really hate it when people abuse or do not care for their children. I am sorry it is in your face.

The booties are darling, I like th fraternal twins.

Unknown said...

I hope this week gets better and that everyone is safe. I will keep you and those involved in my prayers.

Love the booties and hat.

A knitted runner . . . and you said you don't do lace!

Yarn Devil said...

Love the hat and booties! Hope that new momma does like the fraternal twins, they are very fun!

Aunt Kathy said...

Nice baby set, and I like the pattern from rachel's I didn't start it, I am just overwhelmed these days