Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Belated April Fool's Joke

That's what Mother Nature is playing on us this morning! And I can't say I care much for her sense of humor!


Bonnie O. said...

Ouch! That hurts, Jane!!

We are expecting a high of 81 degrees today and then the temperature plumments to a high of 35 degrees tomorrow! What the heck??!!

I already put away my boots and turtlenecks. LOL!

jopal said...

To late to enter your contest. Hurts because I knew the answer. Jerry and Don are 2 of my favorites. We met Jerry and got his autograph at a game at Fenway a couple years ago. Have my tickets for this year and am ready. Last night was a dissapointment but it is only their first game. Wish they would have a Stitch and Pitch game! Wouldn't that be the best! Red Sox and Knitting at the same time!

dobarah said...

Hey, we got the same joke! There was a skiff on April 1st, but yesterday we awoke to 8 inches of the white stuff. By the time to start off to school, the wind had started to blow along with the snow...I was hoping for a blizzard! Alas, we still had school, and we even got more snow. Isn't it supposed to be April?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Sorry about the 'white stuff'...We too are experiencing nice weather today...but cold tomorrow...I dread seeing snow again! How much did you get?


Jane said...

Sorry you were late Jopel - but glad to meet another Red Sox Fan! Keep checking my blog - I'll have more Red Sox contests as the season goes on. And, yes - a knit and stitch would be great!