Sunday, April 29, 2007

A little knitting

It doesn't seem like I have had much knitting progress lately. But here are a few small FOs.
The first is my KTC project for The Joy Luck Club. I loved the book and wanted to make something that would remind me of it. Jing-mei is one of the characters in the book and shortly before her mother died she gave Jing-mei, her "Life's Importance," a 2" long apple green jade pendant, on a gold chain. Jing-mei put the pendant away until after her mother, Suyuan, died. Then she realized the great meaning behind the pendant and wore it every day. When Suyuan began telling her life's story to Jing-mei, she unraveled yarn from old sweaters as she unraveled her tale. So I knit the cord for my pendant from an unraveled black sweater to symbolize the past. I added a strand of metallic gold to represent their hopes for great riches in their new country. As I knit the I-cord and moved the stitches up the needle and down the needle it reminded me of the hilly streets of San Francisco, where they lived. The cord is bumpy in places, like the lives of the families in the book. The magnetic closure is the tie that binds the families in this book together. is my "Life's Importance"

The next FO is the teeny tiny felted bag made from one skein of Noro. My granddaughter loved it!

I also finished my project for the Whoduknit Spring Swap - but can't post the picture until Patty has received it.
Now I am working on this felted bag. I'm making it in blue/pink/purple/green.
And that's my knitting update!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for a gorgeous necklace. And that purse you made for your granddaughter is too cute. I just might make one for my daughter too!! Thanks for the idea.

Unknown said...

I really really like the necklace. I'm going to have to show Lindz . . . she might really enjoy it!
Have a great day.
Mary Lynn