Monday, April 23, 2007

Red Sox 7 - Yankees 6

Congratulations Jeff! Jeff's guess of Red Sox 8 - Yankees 6, was the closest. (You must have been watching the game Patty). There were some other really close guesses - thank you all for playing!

Some scenes from Saturday's baseball party.

(I support two teams - the Red Sox and whoever beats the Yankees)


Anonymous said...

woohoo sox! I can handle losing if it means they won! ;)

lauriec said...

Love the t shirts!! I am so happy they beat those D*mned Yankees! I have a pic of myself at 5 yrs old in a Red Sox uniform (must scan into comp) & the wee one at 6 mos old in her Red Sox onesie. She was awake when they won the World Series in '04 ---I made her watch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!

I received the note cards today!! WOW! They are awesome! thanks so much for personalizing them for me! They look great!


Pati said...

Jeff was real excited at winning. Maybe I will get a pair of socks. Thanks!

Jane said...

Thanks for playing! That was fun.
Keep checking for most contests - I love contests!