Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's that Yellow Thing in the Sky?

There was a strange yellow ball in the sky today - I heard some rumors that it might be the sun!!!
My sister and her DH are visiting from NJ and although they had a very wet drive up, it seems like they brought some sunshine with them. We had a pleasant day today. A drive out to Schoodic Point which looks relatively undamaged except for a lot of trees being down. The waves have subsided, but there were no fishing boats in sight. Then we went into town and had lunch, stopping on the way home at a used book store, where I picked up Death at the Bar by Ngaio Marsh. We are reading another one of her books, Died in the Wool, on Whoduknit in May. I have that book ordered on If you like to read and have lots of books to trade, you should check out that site. Then we stopped at Shirley's Yarns and Crafts- my favorite LYS. I was good - didn't buy any yarn! But I did visit, pet, and squeeze a lot of it. Pat bought some pretty fuzzy stuff to make a scarf with. We got back to my house in time to see the Red Sox win game three of their series with Toronto. Tomorrow.....Red Sox/Yankees at Fenway - what could be better!


Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your visit with your sister!!

AR said...

Sunshine? Yay!

Stephanie... said...

What could be better????? Yanks vs. Sox in the "House that Ruth Built."LOL!!!