Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kool-Aid Dyeing Progress

It's 84 degrees and sunny out - everyone else in town is out planting gardens, mowing lawns, etc. But not me.....I'm dyeing yarn! This is so easy, I just couldn't believe it. Especially with Vigdis' wonderful tutorial which you can find here . (Directions are in Norwegian and English - click on the first picture to begin) I admit I didn't follow her directions to the letter. First of all, I didn't have any plastic gloves, so I used plastic bags on my hands - hey it worked, I only have a few stains on my fingers! I didn't use the vinegar because I didn't have any plain and didn't think balsamic would work! But that didn't seem to matter. And... I didn't take her advice about starting with only two colors - I tried, but couldn't resist adding a third. I used Knitpicks 'bare' yarn 100% wool, and Berry Blue, Watermelon Cherry and Grape Kool-aid. I tried to dye two skeins the same so I would have enough for a large scarf or shawl. The small skein is some leftover white Cascade wool that I died with the Watermelon Cherry. It should dry fast in the sun and warm breeze that's blowing (see the pretty dandelions growing in my yard? :)

Oh, and one more thing I ignored Vigdis' warning about - dyeing yarn with kool-aid can become to buy some more kool-aid!

And the finished product - dry and rewound.


Anonymous said...

Great colors!! You've had fun, I can see :-)
Love Vig

AR said...

Very pretty! I love dyeing with kool ade.

Linda said...

great job Jane

Dandy said...

the yarn looks great.. you know what else works good for dying yarns is regular food coloring... I'm going to pick up some more in the city tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! I love dying yarn and koolaid makes it smell so yummy!

Unknown said...


Those colors are totally awesome! Arghhhh, I just cannot start something else . . . plus, I think the yarn and kool-aid would be the thing that would send my hubby right over the edge . . . or at least he would think that I had gone over the edge!
Hope your weekend was grand.

Mary Lynn

Nonna Rose said...

Jane, the colors are beautiful, but I think you should've used the vinegar since it is what sets the dye. If you wash what ever you're making without setting the color it will run into others fabrics and fade. So, when done knitting and if you damp block add vinegar to the soak!