Thursday, December 13, 2007

Package from Norway

Out of over 100 participants in the Christmas Around the World Swap, would you believe that my Norwegian friend Vigdis got my name?
How great was that. I received my package today full of goodies from Norway.
How cute are the little hat and mitten ornaments - and how much patience does it take to knit something like that? More patience than I have! Then there was some candy, a snoman ornament, carved wooden spoon ornament a tiny folded star - some beautiful pewter ornaments:

And look at this adorable Norwegian Gnome! He will have a special place next to my computer.

And some Norwegian yarn and pattern book to make some full size versions of the little ornaments...and it's in Norwegian! Guaranteeing that Vigdis will be hearing from me often to interpret the pattern!
Thank you so much Vigdis -
it was a wonderful package from a wonderful friend.


jopal said...

What adorable ornaments!
Great Christmas package!

aksunflour said...

Wow cool stuff! I am finding all of my Norwegian Christmas items and putting them out.

No lefse or lutefisk? Now lefse is some good stuff!

Dandy said...

those little mitts are adorable!!!

cool package!!

if I don't get back here before Xmas... have a great one!!

Miss Me said...

everything is lovely, but i've got to admit that i am COVETING that mitten pattern and the yarn... oooooohhhh.... aaaaaahhhh...

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

what a great package! those mittens will be beautiful.

jackie said...

nice package. have fun knitting the norwegian pattern!

Yarn Devil said...

Beautiful package! Looks like the mitten pattern is beautiful!

rohanknitter said...

what a great christmas package!