Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Sky

This is actually not today's sky, but a picture taken on another Saturday, which I never posted...It was a storm rolling in, and I though it was awesome! Today's sky is much bluer - we've had such great weather lately that it's getting a little scary!

Did you see my new bookshelf on the sidebar? It's great - I can keep track of the books I've read and those I want to read so I don't get half-way through a book before I remember that I've already read it (you know that CRS syndrome?) You can get your own bookshelf if you click on where it says 'get your own shelf. You don't have to publish it to your blog - you can just keep track of books on that site. The "Hick Flicks" book is a book my son wrote. He's a film critic in Austin, TX.

Would you believe I'm getting very close to my 400th post! Be looking for a contest soon!


Aunt Kathy said...

Wow your son wrote a book. I am hoping to one day publish one myself.

That sky picture is awesome. I love sky and rainbow pictures. They remind me of how Powerful and Merciful God is.

That bookshelf is so cool. I will have to check that out, but not this weekend, I am too stresses.

OOh a CONTEST... you know I love a contest.

jackie said...

beautiful picture. it is my favorite type of sky. what happened to your book list though? always like to get book ideas from others. very cool your son wrote a book. i will put it on my list!

Nan said...

Awesome sky pic

aksunflour said...

Incredible sky pic.
will be watching for your contest now.

BTW: Bruno is adorable.

School starts in 4.5 weeks.