Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Screen Porch

My new favorite place to knit and read is on the porch at our camp on Upper Middle Branch Lake in Aurora, about an hour from our house. In Maine, a 'camp' is a cottage, usually on a lake, unless it's a hunting camp, which is usually in the middle of the woods. My DH has been adding an addition to this camp for the past couple of years, and finally the porch is screened in so I can actually sit out there and not be eaten alive by blackflies, mosquitoes, whatever pest is in season at the time. That's the original camp (kitchen/living room and two tiny bedrooms) in the top picture - the addition is about twice the size of the original camp!

This is the lake that it looks out over and it is the most peaceful place in the world! There is no electricity, no cell phone service, and so of course no t.v. or computer, so I do start having withdrawal symptoms after a couple of days and have to come home for a 'fix'. It's still a work in progress - be we're getting there!

I returned home from 'camp' on Monday and found my Knitsimple magazine and the new Knitpicks catalog waiting in the mailbox. There are definitely a few things I want to make from Knitsimple like the Mind Over Mittens hat and mitten set, and the Floral Rucksack bag with crocheted flowers, the cabled wrap, pumpkin tea cozy, and maybe even the Staff Pick - Collared Cardigan.

Then, I opened up the Knipicks catalog to find all of their knitting books are on sale for 40% off and while I was browsing that, an e-mail came in from Interweave Knits advertising their 'hurtbook' sale -books that are slightly damaged or overstocked at 50% off. So now I have wish lists in both places trying to make up my mind if I really need more knitting books! Got to hurry though, before they are all gone!
Oh, and before I end my 'wordy Wednesday', don't forget to go over to Aunt Kathy's Blog and get in on her contest going on every day this month.


danielle said...

I was looking thru the 'hurt books' available....and was looking at the book Bag Style. I see you have a KAL button for that - would you recommend the book?

Aunt Kathy said...

I need to get some knitting magazines... I am so out of the loop.

Oh and I want a camp on the lake too.

Unknown said...

A camp on the lake . . . that sounds lovely, especially with a very special place to knit.

Have a good day!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I still want to get to Maine... I am glad you had a wonderful time at your camp! I remember this time last year, your wherabouts were a mystery to me!

danielle said...

Sigh...I can even smell the trees in the warm sun...I think I will use your photos of your lovely camp as the place I cn go to when I need to tke deep breaths and re-group....I want to be there....