Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Are You Knitting Daily?

Knitting Daily is Interweave's new blog with free patterns, tips, etc. Since everyone's been talking about the "Tomato" I decided to try it. Except, because I am on a yarn diet and have to use yarn in my stash, mine is going to be more like a lemon! I received this bright yellow Lion Cottonese yarn as a prize for a project I made for a Knit The Classics book (The Joy Luck Club). It might be a birthday present for my DD if it comes out okay. She even likes yellow! So far, it is a very easy knit - and is made in the round with no seams - love that.

I got this book in the mail today. I ordered it from the Crafter's Choice Club - you know the club that tempts you with 5 books for 99 cents each and then you have to commit to buying two more in the next two years. Well, my two years were up and I had to order one more book. I should have looked at this one more closely. It seemed to have such cute patterns in it - but they are actually all made from knitting flat pieces on a knitting machine, felting them and then cutting out the patterns and sewing them.

I think I can use some of the patterns for embellishments though - and of course I can always handknit the flat pieces and make one of these cute totes. Thank you for your comment on my clutch Dipsy! I'm flattered that you visited me all the way from Austria!

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danielle said...

What color are you going to use for the band?