Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sun-less Sunday

My tribbles are multiplying, so I'm going to give myself credit for another skein of yarn! All I need now is a good sale at Bath & Body on shower gel, and I will have all of my co-worker, girlfriend, etc. gifts for Christmas.
I still haven't heard from my upstream partner in the Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap .....but, curiously, I have been getting e-mails every day advertising vacations all over the world. Do you supposed my pal signed me up?
I've got a nasty cold and we are having nasty summer weather, so I think I'll take this opportunity to read, knit, and watch baseball today. I didn't make it for all 13 innings last night - and it's just as well, since 13 was not lucky for the sox and they ended up losing it 3-2. Jopel, if you are reading this, thanks for your comments. I haven't been able to find your blog or an e-mail to reply to you.


lauriec said...

Thought you'd enjoy knowing that my best friend from home got engaged @ Fenway on the 4th of July! He did the ol' "your name here, will you marry me?" on the Jumbotron!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard from my upstream pal either in the Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap.

This is your ITE 4 Pal by the way woh is also in that one

jopal said...

Sorry, I don't have a blog - yet. You can reach me at jopalange_2000@yahoo dot com
Another loss today. Glad for the all star break, they really need it, I think they are all tired.