Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This is definitely not your plain, ordinary knitting book. If you are looking for something different you should check out Loop-d-Loop by Tea Durham .
There are quite a few patterns in this book that I don't think I would ever make. But, there are a few cute things I might try. The corkscrew scarf is cute, and so is the octagon purse. But knit a chair cover - I don't think so! The child's ballet t-shirt looks like an easy knit for the kids, and I do want to make the choker collar, but probably not the cuff. The felted tweed hat is cute, but I don't know who I would make that for. I do love the adorable child's earflap hat and the braided neckpiece is very interesting, but the yarn-over steek vest - nah, I don't think so. The basketweave scarf is cute - and of course the loop-d-loop scarf on the cover, for which I suppose the book was named. And, maybe that paisley carpetbag for the next ITEIV swap? I think this book is a keeper!


aksunflour said...

I didn't recognize any of the books from my frequent forays to my local library. So they are all new to me.
Sounds like Loop D Loop has a few candidates for my things to make not! day.
Sorry to hear that you haven't heard from your KVVS pal= it might be because they are terrified of accidentally revealing themselves. Or it is the lady that had to drop out.
How are the blueberries and cranberries ripening? I picked a sweet but small strawberry yesterday.

jopal said...

I have this book and want tomake the braided neckpiece. I saw it made up at the local yarn store and loved it - just have to find the time!