Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Morehouse Farm Merino Knits

I read this book from cover to cover last night - and I just love it! (My Vegan friends may not want to read this!). But to me - raising sheep, shearing them, spinning their wool, and knitting something warm and wonderful from it, is fascinating . The patterns are not anything fancy. They are mostly plain, basic knits. There is a lace section, but again it's very basic with the yarn itself making the beauty.
There was one disappointment though - there was a great knitting bag pictured at the end of the book - but the pattern is not in the book. Then again, it's pretty basic, and I'm sure I could figure it out. What's really cool about it is that the straps are measuring tapes - how handy!
The author adds personal stories about their farm and their sheep and their wonderful yarn, which can of course, be ordered from their website! Oh - and on a completely different note - stop by and visit Donna's blog
and leave a comment by midnight July 25, and you could win a prize!

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Anonymous said...

The measuring tapes sound like such a cool idea. Will have to look for that book my next trip to the bookstore!