Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm an ISFP

That's what I am - Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceptive. I went to a Myers-Briggs Workshop today. If you've never done Myers-Briggs - it's a personality test. An ISFP is an "observant, loyal helper; reflective, empathic, patient with details, gentle and retiring; shuns disagreements; enjoys the moment".
Just once I'd like to be an ENTJ - (Extrovert, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment)- " Intuitive, innovative organizer; aggressive, analytic, systematic; more tuned to new ideas and possibilities than to people's feelings". But no... I always come out as an introvert - "Lord, help me to stand up for my RIGHTS! (if you don't mind my asking?)

So, what does this all prove? Absolutely nothing - except the kids got to go home early today, and I got to sit though another non-productive workshop! And, no...I didn't bring my knitting - but I wish I had. I could have just retreated to my introverted corner of the world, told everyone to stay away from me, and happily knit away.


Wendy said...

Funny thing... I am an ENTJ. Don't see how it's the best thing to be either.

dobarah said...

I'm a INTJ, so why do we all wonder if what our 'type' is would happen to be the best. (Oh boy, Wendy cam here to visit too!)

aksunflour said...

Hmmm... I sometimes wonder where I would be pigeon holed. Oh well God made us each special.
You teach kids all day in the classroom, and well sadly enough when you really think about what I do- The Parents pay me to make their kids cry! And I get to dunk them too.

Miss Me said...

i can never remember all of my meyers briggs letters - except for the "i"! and there's nothing wrong with being an introvert... i just can't believe that you did a pd workshop without knitting! i always try to arrive early so i can sit at the back and knit undisturbed... ; )

Anonymous said...

It can be fun to learn about though, and a lot of times, if you know you tend toward certain behaviors that can be less than optimal, you can work toward other ones - or so they say ;)

I'm with miss me though - how did you not knit?! Your FOs look great by the way!

Unknown said...

I cannot remember what I am but I know when I was done taking it for the third or fourth time, I thought it must be right because it seemed that I kept coming up with the same initials.

Unfortunately, as an introvert, you probably wouldn't have told people to stay away from you, you would have apologized and put your knitting away. Oh, yeah, I'm on the introvert scale too, I do remember that one, which always surprises people since I generally tend to be in the midst of things. The thing is that they don't know how hard it is to be there.

I have a THREE day (8:00 to 4:00 every day) seminar in March.