Saturday, January 05, 2008

More FOs and Something to Cheer About

Another Fidget (bet you can't make just one!), made with Plymouth Boku (two strands held together).

And a Calorimetry, also made with the Plymouth Boku, single strand.
And, something to Cheer about. Jordyn's cheering team had their first competition today and came in 2nd! Here is Jordyn on the right - going up.....
And up they go. The pictures are lousy - the lighting in the gym makes it impossible to get good pictures. These girls are true athletes and my heart was in my throat every time they 'flew' or flipped end over end. Didn't help that this was the same gym that Jacob broke his arm in playing basketball last week!


aksunflour said...

Wow those girls are GOOD! Much more toned than the girls here.

I love your new FO. Hope you make something for yourself sometime.

Unknown said...

I LOVE watching cheerleaders and their talents - they are truly athletes! Our oldest was one in high school and the work these kids put into it is astounding. GREAT job on getting 2nd place!!!

Love the FO's too!

Unknown said...

A friend's daughter was a cheerleader. It paid for her college!

I love the Fidget.

If your weather continues to run two or three days behind our weather, you should be seeing 50 degrees today or tomorrow. It is supposed to be 60 here today and was 58 when I left the house . . . with only a sweater on.

Mary Lynn

jackie said...

love the fidget. signing on to ravelry right now to find it! great picture! these girls are true athletes! but i think i would pull the fidget over my eyes until i knew they were safe! take care.

Chris said...

You must be very proud. Love the fidget