Friday, January 25, 2008


Thanks for all of your good wishes! It really was a storybook wedding. Steve and I met in high school, (Clifton, NJ) where he was one year ahead of me. He joined the Navy when he graduated and after boot camp was stationed in Japan. We were separated for three years, but were still in love when he came home and were married a few months later. Steve was stationed at the Pentagon at that time, so we lived in Virginia, where our first son, Scott, was born, then we were stationed in Morocco for two years, where our daughter Diana was born, then Rhode Island for two years, and on to Puerto Rico for 4 years, where our youngest son was born. From Puerto Rico to Maine was quite a shock to the system - but this is where we ended up, when Steve retired from the Navy, and we've been here ever since. So....that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!


aksunflour said...

Wow! That is how most people wind up here in Alaska. (The military).
What an exciting adventurous marriage you have had.

AR said...

Aww. Congrats. 43 years, that's great, and still in love!

Nonna Rose said...

I havent been reading blogs in awhile, and I love checking yours out when I do read them. What a beautiful couple...congratulations!

I also love the scarf for the KAL, is that a pattern that I might be able to find online?