Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Got Yarn!!

A friend of mine inherited a very large yarn stash from a friend who moved into a retirement home. This friend must have been collecting yarn for a very long time - apparently there was an attic full. So Roni has been sharing - and look what she dropped off at my house this morning! It was just as I was leaving for work - and I couldn't wait to get home to go through it!

Most of it is 100% wool. Some of it has no label, so I'll have to test to see if it's wool or not- especially if I'm going to felt it.
I'm so excited I feel like it's Christmas and my birthday!
The yarn for my 'Hemi' is in there someplace, and some great irish knit scarves and hats, some shawls and felted bags, ......I really need to retire!


jackie said...

nice surprise! have fun with all of that yarn and your thoughts of retiring!

Wendy said...

What a great surprise gift! I'm jealous!

aksunflour said...

OH that is just wonderful for you! Wool! Wow! all right I am done drooling..... gotta go sponge off the laptop.

Good luck on the Hemi. (geez if a non knitter surfed across this Hemi they would be absolutely lost!)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Nice stash enhancement!
If something should happen to me, I would hope my yarn would go to a good home. I probably should include that in my will....