Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation week to all of my fellow teachers, including those of you who home school! At our school we were treated to a buffet lunch, set up in the gym, by our PTC members. And, since we usually eat our lunch in the classroom with the kids (we don't have a cafeteria), the PTC also provided volunteers to take over our classrooms while we had a kid free lunch, so it was really special. There were also door prizes for everyone. Numbers were on the bottom of our plates and then prizes raffled off. Prizes ranged from a $100 gift certificate to the Lucern Inn, down to Peninsula Bull Dog coffee mugs. I won a $40 gift certificate to a the Bud Connection & Chocolate Barn.

I dug right into that stash I received yesterday and started on a "Hemi" (Vicki double-dared me) It's the Hemlock Ring Doily Throw , a 1942 pattern from the Canadian Spool Cotton Company written to be knit as a doily with crochet cotton. But the Rainy Sisters have converted it into a throw by knitting it with large needles and worsted weight yarn. I'm using some 100% Botany Germantown Knitting Worsted Wool that must be at least 20 years old, if not older. It was made at the Botany Mills in Passaic, NJ, which is right next to the town I grew up in (Clifton). Wish there was a date on the wrapper - I'd love to know how old it was. I've got this much done - you really can't see the pattern too well yet, and I will have to buy some longer circs because it is already getting squished.


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Happy Teacher week! :-)

rohanknitter said...

Happy Teacher Week to you too- glad they did something special for you all - yay for gift certs!!

Dandy said...

Happy Teacher week Jane!!!

I'm so glad you took the dare ;)

do you find it easy??