Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday WIPs

The center flower section of my Hemlock Ring Lap Blanket has been finished for about a week, but haven't gotten too far on the fan & feather portion.
I started the lace scarf from my knitpicks sampler kit. This is knitpicks crayon in a very pretty "Beach Glass" color. I've been wanting to try this yarn, it's very soft, and nice to knit with. It would be good for baby, or kid's things because it is machine wash and tumble dry. The lace stitch is an easy one, even for an ADD knitter like me.

I cast on for this dishcloth tonight to try out a pattern stitch for a contest at Aunt Kathy's Place. To enter you need to knit a swatch of the pattern and let her know what you think of it. It's called a Dot or Spot stitch and is a nice easy knit for tv watching. I'm knitting it with Sugar N. Cream in lilac.

I've also cast on for my project for my Whoduknit Pal, but I can't show you that - it's a surprise!

1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

Jane I like how your swatch is coming out. I too am making a dishcloth size. I love the hemlock lap blanket and I really love the color of the knitpicks sampler... beach Glass I need to get me some of that.