Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Tests

Here is a sneak peak at what I am making for my Whoduknit Spring Swap pal - can you figure out what it is?

Now see if you can figure out what these words have in common.

1 Banana
2 Dresser
3 Grammar
4 Potato
5 Revive
6 Uneven
7 Assess

All of the comments to this post will go into a drawing for a set of personalized knitting note cards!


Wendy said...

They all have double letters within their spelling. Or at least two or more of the same letter.

Anonymous said...

If you take the first letter and put it at the end of the word, all of these words read the same again. Hope that makes sense. That's a cool color your swap pal sent you! I'm working on my project, too. Mary Lynn sent me 3 skeins, so I'm doing a felted project. V. risky, since I don't have her appendage handy to measure!

Aunt Kathy said...

My first thought was that they all had more then one set of double letters then I saw the reverse spelling, so I come to comment and both my guesses are already here, LOL. Oh well guess it's what happens when you are out of the house all day and not playing on the computer.

Chris said...

Double Consanants (spelling?) and double vowels

Anonymous said...

All the words are almost anagrams. And the pink? No idea what it is, but love the color!

Joyce said...

Is the pink thing a trivet? A potholder? A carpet?

In the words (I figured this out before reading the other comments, honest!), if you remove the first letter, the rest becomes a palindrome, a word that is spelled the same frontwards and backwards. Like the names, "Hannah" and "Bob".

jopal said...

Remove first letter and rest is the same backwards and forwards.
Did know this before I saw other replies - honest!

Don't know what the pink is but it is very pretty!

Nan said...

I honestly had no clue what the words had in common, I was thinking more in lines with describing someone or something, then I read the comments and said to myself "A-ha!" Now I don't feel so clever at all.

Is the pink swirl a tea cozy? A hat? or coaster? Hummm... I'll be checking back to see!