Friday, July 07, 2006

KTC Summer Book Swap

This was the invitation from Amanda for the Knit the Classics summer swap

Swap time -- Women travelers

Since both of our summer KTC choices feature women on journeys, our Summer Swap theme will be "Women Travelers." The heroine might be on vacation or on business, traveling for pleasure or for adventure, circumnavigating the globe or flying to another galaxy! Use your imaginations...Would you like to come along?

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Of course I'd like to come along! I have already received the name of the person I will be sending to and after receiving her questionnaire I was quite surprised to learn that her favorite books were "Vampire" novels! But after several e-mails back and forth she has convinced me that she is a 'normal person'(her words!) and a very interesting one at that. I have a pretty good idea about which book I will be sending her (it won't be a Vampire book - she's read them all!), and just have to come up with some 'accessories' to go with it.
I also heard from my 'upstream' - but only once. So, if you are lurking out there and reading this - Hi!


Anonymous said...

I'm here! I have been reading your blog feverishly....thinking and thinking about the perfect book.

BTW, Love the cupcakes!


Jane said...

I thought you might be lurking here - and I caught you! LOL
Of course I don't have a clue as to who you are!