Friday, July 21, 2006

KTC Summer Book Swap

I have my package for my KTC SP just about ready to mail, so it will arrive the first week in August. I had a hard time deciding which book to send, but finally chose two. I chose mysteries because that is the genre that she likes. One is Sue Grafton's "S is for Silence" and the other is Mary Higgins Clark's "On the Street Where You Live". They are both sort of about women who travel (although it is a stretch!) and are authors that my SP has not read, so I hope that she will like them! I added a couple of paperback books (gently used) just for fun, because they take place in Maine. One is Sarah Graves' Triple Witch which takes place in Eastport, Maine, a fishing village very much like the one I live in, and the other a Jessica Fletcher book, which of course takes place in the fictional Cabot Cove, Maine. I'm adding some 'travel accessories' to the package. A handmade beaded bookmark, a book light, some Knit One, Pearl Two mohair yarn in her favorite colors, two scarf patterns that she can make from the yarn, a small crochet booklet, and some tea, all packed in a small hand-knit felted tote bag. This swap was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed putting the package together. I am pretty sure that she has not found out who I am, so I think it is safe to post this here!


ICJ said...

Hello, Jane! I am in Maine too! :)

Isabelle 3rd name above you on the Amazing Lace side bar list! :)

Plain Jane said...

Hi, Jane.. I'm another Jane - there really aren't all that many of us around. I think that it's a rather old fashioned name - I run into a lot of them when I'm transcribing 19th century records for my genealogy site.. I think you visited my blog a few days ago. I'm the name right below yours on the Amazing Lace list.