Sunday, July 02, 2006

Upper Middle Branch Lake

The first picture is the camp - you can see the addition going up behind it. We have to build in the back because of the state law against building any closer than 100 feet to the water. The camp is already closer than that (grandfathered), but the addition cannot be. The addition will include two bedrooms, a loft, and a screen porch. I'm really looking forward to the screen porch, since bugs and the Maine woods go hand in hand. The next two are views of the addition Steve and his friend Tim have been working hard on. The last is a picture of the lake - Upper Middle Branch lake, our dock and Steve's fishing boat.


Anonymous said...

The cabin addition looks like it will be wonderful and really add much functionality to the camp. I spent last evening winding yarn on my back porch . . . we don't have a lake but we do have a pool. There is just something very special about rocking and winding and watching your family enjoy themselves!
Your One Skein SP

ICJ said...

Tell me about bugs in Maine... Aaaaargh!!!

Isabelle 3rd name above you on the Amazing Lace side bar list! :)