Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rainy Day Musings

Another rainy day in Maine! I have had to put aside my other projects, including poor little Miss Surie Lace to work on some gifts to bring down to New Jersey. My daughter and I, along with my three grandchildren are driving down to visit family and friends. One project is a set of placemats that I'm making for my sister. I'm making four and have one finished and another started. They are very colorful and summery and I think she will like them. Another is Cupcakes - yes cupcakes! for my friend and my SIL. I am almost finished with them - just have to add some sprinkles and a couple of cherries. I'm going to get some plastic bakery boxes to present them in. For my other sister, I'm planning on making a felted wine tote, and if I have time, some glass cozies. We are leaving in 10 days, so that doesn't give me much time, but I figure I can work on the placemats and drink cozies on the way down, when I'm not driving of course. And, while I sit here waiting for pictures to load I am working on Day #2 of the July dishcloth KAL. No clue what it is yet, but I'm guessing it's something to do with summer, and the suggest color was light blue - so maybe that's water, and it's a boat?
I also started reading Sue Henry's Tooth of Time for the Whodunkint KAL. I'm enjoying it so far - the setting is in New Mexico and revolves around a fiber shop there, which really exists called Weaving Southwest What a yummy selection of yarns and fibers! I'd like to get in my Winnebego and head there right now! But of course I don't have a Winnebego.
But - I do have a 'camp' - that is a tiny cottage on a lake in the Maine woods. We actually got some sunshine yesterday and my son, Steven, and I headed up there to check out the progress that my husband is making on the addition (which is bigger than the camp!)


Anonymous said...

The placemats are great but I hate working in cotton. Good luck in getting all your projects done!
What's a Whodunknit?
Your One Skein SP

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the pattern for the cupcakes I would love to make them for my grandmother. I would have e-mailed you but could not find a way on your blog