Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Felted teapot

This is my first try at a felted teapot. It's cute, but it needs some work. It's 4" tall, and the teacup was 3" tall, so I think for the set I either have to make a bigger teapot or smaller teacup. I should have made the pink stripe wider, and I think I would have liked the lid pink instead of blue. Here is a picture of it drying. I have it stuffed with plastic bags. A balloon would have been the perfect form (put the balloon in and then blow it up), but there were none left from the birthday party. Here is the basic pattern I came up with - it involves a little crocheting too.

Felted Teapot

CO 70 sts using worsted weight yearn and 16" size 10 circular needles. Knit in the round for 5" (more if you want a bigger teapot).
Decrease 7 sts. evenly spaced every other row until your are down to 35 sts, then every row until you are down to 21 sts, then K 2tog around until you are down to 5 stitches. (change to dpns when necessary) Pull yarn through and finish off. With a contrasting color and size G or H hook, Join yarn and SC around the top of the teapot. Next round: SC in first SC, skip next SC, repeat around. Next round: slip stitch in first two sc, skip next sc, repeat around. Finish off. Make a 4 or 5 st. I-cord 8" long for the handle and sew on one side of the teapot. Make a 10 st. 3" long I-cord for the spout and sew onto the other side of the teapot.
Lid (I crocheted this because I don't know how to knit a circle, but it is just a circle about 5" in diameter.
Ch 5 and sl st to join into a ring.
Next round: Ch 1 work 2 sc in each sc - 20 sc
Next round: Work 1 sc in each sc
Repeat these two rounds 5 times, work 5 rounds even sc. Fasten off
For top of lid, in contrasting yarn, Ch5 and sl st to join into ring. Work same as lid for two rounds. End off and pull yarn tight to make a 'bobble'and sew to top of lid.
Felt as usual.

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Nean the Bean said...

Your teapot is wonderful! Thank you so much for posting your pattern. I'm going to try to make it bigger, and knit the top in the round, using an i-cord bobble. Thank you, again!