Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Global Warming???

The wind was whipping around the house (and into the house) at 40MPH Monday night - and the windchill was down to 40 below by the morning - I don't think it's ever been so cold. And tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. I wore my entrelac scarf to school today - and everyone was totally amazed that I had made it. It really looks so complicated, especially knit in Noro - like I had knit all of those little triangles separately LOL.
I think I'm going to knit a headband with my leftover yarn tonight.

I finished another square for the Whoduknit charity blanket. This one is really easy. It's a Bernat acrylic yarn in a light green tweed worsted weight that's been in my stash for years, and size 10 needles.

CO 52 sts. knit 3 rows in garter stitch for border.

row 1: k 3 *knit into 2nd stitch on needle, pull through, but do not slip off the needle, k into first stitch on needle, pull through and slip both stitches off the needle* repeat up to last three stitches, k 3.

row 2: k 3, purl 46, k3

Repeat these two rows until square measures 11 1/2" and then knit 3 rows in garter stitch for top border.

I'm working on another square in a honeycomb pattern and I'm trying out this method of doing cables without a cable needle.


Unknown said...

Global Warming . . . that is so funny . . . I was just listening to a local radio announcer waxing poetic about the very same thing. It is currently 8 degrees with a windshill that is bringing it down to -1 . . . substantially warmer than your weather.

Nonna Rose said...

I love the entralac blanket! I tried entralac once and got frustrated, but I will try it again because your blanket is an inspiration.

Jules0988 said...

Brrr! I am glad the cold weather is taking a flying leap from us this weekend. It is supposed to get 60 degrees today - a heat wave!

The entrelac scarf is awesome and I have some Noro on it's way to me, hmmmm? Love the colors. Where did you get this pattern?


AR said...

Gorgeous scarf!
I can't wait for Summer! I've read quite a few blog posts wishing for Spring, lately.

bethc said...

Beautiful scarf!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.