Thursday, March 01, 2007

This Bag is Mine!

This is what I found sitting on my dining room table when I got home today. I knew exactly what it was. You see I had seen this very package on the ITEIII blog and I had commented "who wouldn't want to receive a package wrapped like that!" I opened it carefully - not wanting to rip the beautiful paper - and was greeted with this:

Well - I knew what I was going to find inside. You see, I've been following this bag from its beginning on the ITEIII blog, never guessing that it was for me.

Out of all the amazing bags I have seen on the blog, this one just called out to me saying "Jane" all over it! It's perfect. The perfect color, shape and size. I really love it and it will be my go everywhere bag. Next came this cute handmade card revealing the true identity of "Annie Snuffleupagus" was Vicki - also known as Dandy.
But of course, that wasn't all. Pinned to the bag was a pin and a set of stitch markers - so cute! And a beautiful butterfly clasp. And look what else was in the box.

There was a skein of yarn hand spun from Vicki's own Alpaca "Uncle Buck" (I've been petting him),
some unspun fiber and a handmade (by Vicki) drop spindle so I can try spinning, a cute teddy bear key chain, yummy candy and gum, A crochet change purse with three Canadian coins in it. A Saskatchewan quarter celebrating their 100 year birthday, a quarter with the breast cancer ribbon on it to help support the fight and the bravery quarter to never forget the men & women who put their lives on the line everyday. These I will treasure!
And look at this cute sheep notepad and pen, with a lovely note inside.
And last, but not least came "Maple Bear" dressed in a hand knit sweater and socks with this note: "Through the wonders of the internet I come to live with you. I was made in China with "Canada" across my chest. My sweater 7 socks are Opal yarn, made in Germany, bought by a lady in Australia and swapped for Kool-aid from Canada. Now I'm living with you in the USA. Cool huh?" you think I've been spoiled??? Wow - I'm just overwhelmed and so excited. So much time and thought went into this package. There was a little note attached to each item telling me why she chose it. I am really touched by her thoughtfulness.

Thank you so much Vicki! I'll be visiting your blog often - please keep in touch!


AR said...

That's so funny!
What a great bunch of stuff. Those swaps look like so much fun.

Unknown said...

WOW! What a great package. I love the Maple bear with its note. Very very cute.