Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saving Daylight!

I wonder how my computer knew we were changing the clocks two weeks earlier than we usually do?

It's warmed up quite a bit - like from windchills of 40 below to a temp of 42 above! The snow is melting and is being replaced with MUD! We don't have spring in Downeast Maine, we have 'mud season' and then come the black flies (tiny flies that swarm and bite). We go through a lot to get to summer! But I guess that only makes us appreciate it more.

I've been putting together some things for the Chinese Auction and Spaghetti supper that my grandchildren's 8th grade class is holding next week to raise money for their trip to Boston. In some places it's called a 'tricky tray'. There are items all laid out on tables and you buy tickets and put them in items that you would like to win. Then one ticket is drawn for each prize for the winners. I put together a 'learn to knit kit' - the bag is a Booga Bag made with Noro Kureyon. I added some knitting needles, 2 skeins of Wool-Ease yarn, and some knitting notions along with a learn how to knit book. I also put together a scrapbook basket with all kinds of papers, albums, stickers, stamps, books, and a photo box. Scrapbooking is my other obsession, although I haven't been doing much of it lately.


rohanknitter said...

I read somewhere that computers with windows xp with service pack 2 get automatic updates from microsoft and should switch automatically, so that could be how your computer knows.

Those auction baskets are great. You are very good to give up the lovely Noro bag! I do some scrapbooking too, but not as much since I stated knitting!!

Unknown said...

The silly thing with the computers is that my company has sent us at least one email a day last week about all the problems we might have today, including the fact that all the calendaring is done on the computer. Duh, nothing happened. It was not quite as bad as what we went through for Y2K but close.

You are a great Grandma to do such great baskets for your grandkids school. Did you make the purple box, and if so, how?

AR said...

My computer knew, too. hehe
I love the kits you put together! Great idea.

Pati said...

Okay, where do I send the money to buy tickets to try to win the booga!! It's beautiful!