Sunday, March 04, 2007

Babies are arriving!

This is my younger sister's first grandchild, Dylan Isiah, and she is ecstatic, as are his parents. He is the baby I knit this outfit for.
Emma Mae also made an appearance last week - she's the one I knit these for. Two more babies to go - both due in April. And the new Knit Picks catalog is all about babies - just too cute! I need more grandchildren!


AR said...

Awwww! He is so beautiful!
The baby our friend was expecting in March came in February.
Dylan really is cute!! :)

Dandy said...

What a doll.. they are so adorable when they're that small.. to bad they can't stay so small for just a bit longer!
Those baby knits are cute too!

Michelle said...

What a cutie!

Mary Lynn said...

Dylan is gorgeous. The items you have knit are very cute and the babies will look lovely in them.

Congratulations to all.

Mary Lynn

Jules0988 said...

Precious angel - congrats to your sister - the new Grandma! I found your blog as it caught my eye due to the fact that I am Grammie to my 2 year old Grandson , Riley. He is just beginning to call me Grammie as up until now I have been "Mamaw". His speaking skills are really taking off now. Awwwww- this darling picture makes me glow with anticipation of my 2nd Grandchild that is due in July- eeek I just can't wait. But in the meantime I will enjoy every moment I have with Riley and knit some special items for the new baby. We find out the sex this week so I can get can busy after that with colors! Best of luck to all of the babies!