Sunday, March 04, 2007

Babies are arriving!

This is my younger sister's first grandchild, Dylan Isiah, and she is ecstatic, as are his parents. He is the baby I knit this outfit for.
Emma Mae also made an appearance last week - she's the one I knit these for. Two more babies to go - both due in April. And the new Knit Picks catalog is all about babies - just too cute! I need more grandchildren!


AR said...

Awwww! He is so beautiful!
The baby our friend was expecting in March came in February.
Dylan really is cute!! :)

Dandy said...

What a doll.. they are so adorable when they're that small.. to bad they can't stay so small for just a bit longer!
Those baby knits are cute too!

Michelle said...

What a cutie!

Unknown said...

Dylan is gorgeous. The items you have knit are very cute and the babies will look lovely in them.

Congratulations to all.

Mary Lynn

Jules0988 said...

Precious angel - congrats to your sister - the new Grandma! I found your blog as it caught my eye due to the fact that I am Grammie to my 2 year old Grandson , Riley. He is just beginning to call me Grammie as up until now I have been "Mamaw". His speaking skills are really taking off now. Awwwww- this darling picture makes me glow with anticipation of my 2nd Grandchild that is due in July- eeek I just can't wait. But in the meantime I will enjoy every moment I have with Riley and knit some special items for the new baby. We find out the sex this week so I can get can busy after that with colors! Best of luck to all of the babies!