Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On and Off the Needles

Off the needles: Striped tote from One Skein - 20 x 20 before felting. Then - OMG, what happened to it? It practically disappeared. I've knit this bag twice before, using the same yarn (Paton's wool) and I had the timing down pat for felting. The only thing I can think of is that we had a new boiler installed and the water must be a lot hotter than before. It felted down to 8 x 10 - it's cute and it's sturdy! I think it's too plain though. I will probably either do some needle felting on it or add some felted flowers.


Unknown said...

It think it looks great. I love the colors and how they just merge so loverly.
Have a good evening.

Mary Lynn

Bonnie O. said...

Love the bag and I think flowers would be awesome! But you know how much I love flowers on bags. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think it turned out very cute! It did shrink a LOT though - I bet it was the boiler. I have the opposite problem with my felting, but it doesn't stop me from doing bag after bag! :)