Monday, March 12, 2007

Secret Leprechaun

The staff at my school does SP swaps once a month for one week as part of our wellness program. Although some think it is silly, there are a group of us who appreciate swaps for what they are (bringing a smile to someone's face, making their day a little bit more special, giving a boost to their mental health - you know what I'm talking about!) and we sign up each month. We usually leave a small surprise in our pal's mailbox each day for a week. This week is Secret leprechaun week, and my SP happens to be our custodian, and believe me she deserves to be spoiled! One of the gifts I will be giving her is a couple of these "Tribbles" and some Irish Spring soap. Thanks to Abigail for sharing the pattern for these cute scrubbies on her blog. (look on the sidebar for "Trouble with Tribbles") They take just a little bit of leftover dishcloth cotton and knit up in a jiffy. Today I got some chocolate covered cherries from my pal- don't you wish you had a secret leprechaun?


Unknown said...

hmmmm, I think the Leprechauns were playing with your blog! I think a SP at work sounds like fun but, unfortunately, I work with a bunch of prima donas.

Thanks for the pattern for the box. Very nice, I can hardly wait to make one.

Theresa said...

You are so impressive the way you keep up with these swaps!

AR said...

That's sweet. I think secret pals are great. :)