Sunday, March 04, 2007

In Like a Lion

March came roaring in like a lion and closed down most of the State of Maine on Friday. Here on the coast it turned over to sleet later in the day, giving us a nice coat of ice over everything! Fortunately, Saturday was warm (40 degrees!) and most of the ice on the roads melted. And, fortunately for us, my son-in-law has a plow on his truck, so we were plowed out by early Saturday morning. It would be nice to think this is winter's last hurrah - but the forecast is for a little more snow tomorrow and temps down below zero again.
I took advantage of the snow day to block my entrelac scarf, and make a square for the Whoduknit charity blanket.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful snow and even more beautiful scarf! I'd love some more snow, but it's 50 outside and sunny, so I had better not complain.

AR said...

Gorgeous! I love your scarf. Wonderful job.

lauriec said...

I will gladly trade you your snow for our tornadoes! We had one come thru here on Thurs. VERY scary!

Give me a good Nor'easter any day!!

Your scarf is beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Your scarf is really, really lovely.