Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall!

Fall is really my favorite season!!!

My DD and her DDs were in New York this weekend for the girls' quarterly appointments with the scoliosis specialist there. Wearing a brace, even though it is an innovative soft brace that doesn't show too much, has been a traumatic experience for teen-age Jordyn - for Tori it was easier as she is just like her big sister. So to make up for it, Diana tries to make it a fun experience when they go. This weekend they went to Coney Island and to an off Broadway show as well as a Broadway show - Legally Blond. At one point during the weekend I received a text message from Tori with this picture asking if I could make her some of these! Looks like finger puppets to me - sure I can! And I've got all the little scraps of leftover yarn in my stash to make them with! They are on their way home now, and a text message from my DD is good news - an improvement in both girls - yay! This is an alternative treatment for scoliosis using a soft brace, exercise and chiropractor treatments. The standard treatment involves a hard brace for two years, and then surgery if that does not work. (Prayers requested here!).

The first pattern up on the Holiday Mystery Gift-Along was a Gansy Gayle hat - I forgot about all the housework plans for the weekend and knit one up! I used Caron Simply Soft - which really doesn't give a good definition of the pattern. I'll be making it again in a wool or wool blend. It's a really cute hat!

Also received a starter section from my upstream on the Noro Traveling Scarf Group - I think I have the perfect Noro to go with it, and I will probably use the Old Shale pattern that I used on my starter section.


jackie said...

so prayers are in the air for jordyn and tori; your old shale smoke ring is really nice! and the hat is pretty cute. love the cat cable necklace. hope you are well. happy fall!

Debby said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I don't remember how I found it but I'm glad I did. There is a new knitting book coming out in November that's all fingerpuppets. Really cute from what I've seen of the previews. I've pre-ordered it from Amazon so I can knit some up for grandmunchkins for Christmas.

Linda said...

Prayers of thanksgiving for the progress and a safe journey home! Mom just arrived on Monday. Hugs!! Linda