Friday, September 26, 2008

TGIF, Traveling Scarf, Survivor & Alpacas

It's been a looog week and I am beat! I did finish a section for the Traveling Scarf Noro group I am in. My addition is on the bottom. I think the colors are a good blend with the starter section, considering that it was Silk Garden and mine is Kuryon. I decreased down a few stitches and then knit in the same Old Shale pattern I used on my starter section. There is a surprise in my section - but that is a secret!
One of my Survivors was voted off the first night! Gillian, the oldest woman in the group, couldn't even make it up the first hill, and she was bossy and irritating to boot - so off she went. My other survivor, Marcus, shows more promise.
And speaking of promises, it is promising to be a washout of a weekend with torrential rains. I was hoping to go to an open farm day at an Alpaca Farm - hope it doesn't get rained out.


Dandy said...

Gillian wasn't my fav either, the scarf is looking great... I'm anxious to see the final scarf!!

lauriec said...

Gillian was horrible---I wanted to like her but it was too painful! I do like Marcus & have been wondering why Crystal, an Olympic athlete, couldn't get up that hill.

The scarf looks great!!!