Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Knitting

I tried out my Cat Cable Necklace this weekend and finished up the cable headband I was making to go with the Irish Hiking Scarf. I love it! It's right there when you need to make the cable - no looking for your cable needle or needing three hands to do the cable. It's really ingenious - I highly recommend it!!! (and I'm not just saying that because I won it LOL).

There is a video on Darcy's" blog showing how to use it. There is also a link to Leslie Wind's page where you can order your own Cable Necklace.

I also worked on my MS4. Here are some things I have learned about lace knitting:

Patience, patience patience! This is not going to be an instant gratification project - take it one stitch at a time and it is doable - just don't think about how many more stitches there are!

Count, count, count! I found that I really can't count past 10 and so had to frog and start all over again. But this time the beads went on much more easily, and I have practiced my counting!

Relax, relax relax! And just enjoy the knitting - don't even think about how long this is going to take to finish.

So, now I am all the way up to .....drum roll....row 8!!!! on the 1st clue!!!! But I'm learning a lot!

I finished my Old Shale Smoke Ring and love it. It's blocking now but I will have someone model it for you when it is dry. (It probably won't be me!)

I have an order for a felted bag - booga bag style. I donated one to a charity auction and this lady wants one just like it. That was a one of a kind bag since I made it from leftovers and just knit until I ran out of yarn and then started another color -( those stash bags always come out the best) but I told her I would make her one in the same colors. It's a boring knit, round and round you go, but I have knit so many of these I can do it in my sleep, and I amuse myself by changing colors and widths of the stripes. This one will be blue, purple, green, and tan. The felting is always exciting - never know exactly how it is going to come out! It's a great alternative to lace knitting for sure!


Aunt Kathy said...

I am still so jealous about that cable needle necklace, I refuse to knit another cable until I have one of my own. LOL

Unknown said...

I too want a cable needle necklace. I have frogged my MS4 so many times that I have thrown out the yarn that I kept frogging . . . it just was totally ripped (LOL).

The Smoke ring is lovely. The colors are really very nice.