Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Playing the Hand That is Dealt to You

Life isn't about being dealt a good hand, but rather Playing the Hand That is Dealt to You
So true for many of our special needs kids ....and our job is to help them do that. Success isn't measured in standardized tests - oh why do our great leaders not understand that? Because they are as far away from the classroom as they can get! If they could just look at our kids like we look at our knitting projects - there are no mistakes - just design features. And if you really mess up- frog it and start all over again, or make something else even more wonderful out of it. Right - if the whole world would just learn how to knit - what a wonderful place this would be!!!

Notice the Christmas countdown is back up - and that I haven't made much progress! But it's okay - because I got sidetracked with some charity knitting and that always makes me feel good. I did start another Christmas gift (not sure who it's for) - it's the 'old shale smoke ring' a cowley kind of thing that can go up over your head. I'm knitting it in this fabulous Opal Cotton and I'm loving the colors. The pattern is easy -I only have to pay attention every 4th row, and even then I can keep watching the ball game. But right now it's time for bed - 5:30 comes very early these days!


SimplyMe said...

Amen. and Amen.

Design features. I love it. Have you read Born on a Blue Day yet? It's wonderful. I just finished listening to it. It's about a man who has high functioning Asperger's and is a Savant to boot. Very VERY interesting. I used to sub in the autism room quite often (note: unofficial title)....and I've often wondered what a peek through their eyes would look like. this is likely as close as I'm going to get. I'd love to go and sub only spec ed, but due to the *new* and *improved* automated system....I can choose by school OR by subject, but not both. Grrrrr. Progress is sometimes anti-foreward progression!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

BTw - I got lost on my soapbox. I love love LOVE that cowl. Beeeautiful I'm going to have to go raid your ravelry list (again, still, whatever)


Aunt Kathy said...

Yes Jane... the world can learn a lot from chix with stix and string, LOL

That's a pretty yarn you have there.
I like, I like a lot