Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Miracle at Fenway!


lauriec said...

I couldn't watch last night---my bp wouldn't let me but WOW!! The recap on Sports Center was just amazing!!


Unknown said...

I heard the commentary this morning on the local news and thought of you!

Great job.

SimplyMe said...

Sorry it all had to end last night. I feel your pain. I was there last week. Same team too. Buttholes! roflmao!

I like your patons inspiration. Great pic of the leaves as well.

Did you know that I watch for your pics of the holiday mystery kal? I'm watching to see if it's worth picking up my needles. I'm still drowning in the shawl kal. I'm almost done with clue 4 on side 2, and ready to start clue 6 on side 1. I'm scared cos I don't understand their joining method. ARgh! My mil's bday is today. Guess what she's not getting! Bwahahahahahah. At the moment, she's getting an iou.

Ack. like you want to read all this. Missed ya! the new computer is opening up my internet social life. Now, I just need to make sure not to over neglect my real life!