Monday, October 13, 2008

Discoveries & Three Day Weekends

Even though I know Christopher Columbus didn't really discover American (how can you discover a country that already has people living in it?) And some historians believe there was a little hanky panky going on between him and Queen Isabella, I'm still grateful to him for the three day weekend!

While watching the Amazing Race last night (my couple, Terrence and Sarah, finished third so I'm still in the Ravelry contest!) I knit up some baby pumpkins. These were a 'blast from the past' on the Holiday Mystery Gift-Along Group. They are filled with rice and very squishy. You can squeeze them, and change their shapes, and my grandchildren, even the teenagers, will love them! There is also a "shooting star" pattern up (one that will only last a week) for some awesome knit and crochet masks that I will have to make.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably have heard my sad story about how the grammar school I had taught at for 22 years was closed down due to mold found in the walls, and how we moved lock, stock, and kids, into a neighboring grammar school where we have been packed in for the past 5 years. Our new school is finally becoming a reality. My grandson took these aerial shots from my SIL's plane this weekend. So far it is on schedule to open in September! It's an absolutely gorgeous spot!

Hope you are all enjoying a long weekend too!


jopal said...

Cute pumpkins!
Looks like a great new school1

Unknown said...

Wow, that school looks great. What an undertaking for everyone.