Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunny Sunday

The leaves are just about at peak color this weekend. They go by so fast! It's really my favorite time of year.

I went to Bar Harbor yesterday with my DD, GDDs and friends to have lunch with my cousin who has a really neat clock store there called Get Clocked. There were two cruise ships in and the town was buzzing. In another month it will be a ghost town!

And, the mystery is solved! This is what the mystery knit on the Holiday Mystery Gift-Along turned into.

Of course the last clue was - make another one!


Aunt Kathy said...

Get it.

And so glad the Mystery wasn't a thong, aren't you?

aksunflour said...

so umm what is it? Looks like an elf slipper to me.

Just saw your banner and am now panicking!

Take care there. And isn't Tori the flyer? With everything going on is she still able to compete?

Unknown said...

I like the colors and probably should do that sock. I might even finish it! LOL.

The girls are beautiful.

jopal said...

I will be in Bar Harbor on the 20th until the 24th! I love seeing the cruise ships in harbor!
Awesome game last night!!! We went! Got home 230 and had to be up at 530 to get to work for 630. Am a little tired right now! But very HAPPY!