Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Socks & Sox

Here is a peek at the yarn I'm sending my SP in the Whoduknit Trick or Treat Swap. (she doesn't know who I am). I'm going to send the Fidget pattern along with it - I think it will look great in this yarn. I'm also sending some cute pumpkin buttons, and other goodies. Don't want to give it all away! But if you belong to Whoduknit and signed up for the swap...well, this could be for you!
It's Araucania hand dyed wool/alpaca/silk blend and is sooo soft.

Of course I couldn't resist buying some for myself which I think will also become a Fidget.

I finished one sock on the 12" circs. I loved knitting with the little circs - they didn't bother my wrists or hands a bit. I did switch to dpns for the toes, but may try another way on my next sock. What I didn't like was the yarn I used -Patons Stretch Sock. I didn't like knitting with it, and I didn't like the way the colors pooled. I supposed I need to make another one anyway, but I'm not looking forward to it.
Instead I CO for another sock on the 12" circs using LB Magic Stripes, which I happen to like. It's just round and round you go, letting the self-patterning yarn do the work.

And YES, the Red Sox made it to the ALCS and will be playing the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend for the American League Championship -
Go - Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lauriec said...

GO SOX!!!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

Jane you're breaking my heart...

First I didn't sign up for the swap so I know that's NOT for me. Bummer. LOL

Second, I bought some Patons stretch sock yarn and now I am afraid to use it. Thanks

danielle said...

Well, I really wish that I was on the recieving end of that yarn! Yummy! Now I have to find out what a Fidget is...

Also, if you want to send me the finished PAIR of the Paton's Stretch Socks, I kinda like them. It is kinda jungle animal meets camoflage! LOL

Joyce said...

Cool! I signed up for the swap . . . I'm so excited, and whomever gets your package is a very lucky person!

Your socks are lovely, too. The pooling gives a different effect, I know it's different than you were hoping for, but it's kind of nice.

Go, Sox!

Debbie said...

Just a simple GO SOX!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I bought Araucania sock yarn for my all hallows eve swap pal very pretty:)Hugs Darcy