Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Felted Striped Tote

I just finished felting my striped tote, and here it is drying. This is not really a one skein project, but the base of the bag is one skein (or less) and the rest is bits and pieces of leftover yarn. My tote has a funny shape! That's because I used so many different yarns in it (cascade 220, galway, patons, brown sheep) that some felted faster than others. But I like it, funny shape and all. And I love that I made it completely with leftover yarn - like getting a great tote bag for free!


Rebecca said...

Which of your yarns felted the fastest? Your purse is lovely! This is one of the patterns i would like to knit from the book and you've inspired me!

Jeri said...

Nice felted striped tote. What pattern is it?

And is that bright pink one of knitpicks wota? I think I have some of that left from some clogs for dd. And that blue above the pink is "rain" wota?


Jane said...

The pattern was from the book "One Skein" by Leigh Radford. I know I didn't use any knitpicks WOTA in the bag because I don't have any. The pink was probably leftover Patons Merino from the felted ballerina slippers, and the blue was probably Patons also, leftover from another felted bag I made. I think the purple and the green were Cascade 220. I should probably save labels so I know what I'm knitting with - but that would take all the fun out of it LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi, your One Skein Pal, here.

I LOVE felting. It is my new passion . . . which is probably why I don't like lace. LOL.

Love your bag. What great colors and good use of what you had on hand!

Jane said...

Hi SP - good to hear from you! Yes, I do love felting I don't have a lot of patience for lace, but I'm trying. I'll post a picture of a finished lace project. It's pretty pathetic - but it's lace!